A Learning Plan helps you clarify the purpose, outcome, and outline of your learning experience.

To create a Learning Plan, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of learning experience will you create to meet your learning goal?
  • What are the main topics covered in your learning experience?
  • Which team members and resources do you have available for support?
  • How can the learning experience best match the look and feel of your brand?
  • What is your timeline for creating this learning experience?

Your Learning Plan is a plan of what you'd like to create and how you'll create it. This sets you up to have a clear path forward to design a learning experience for your team.

How we can help

Our learning experts can help you create your Learning Needs Analysis. We're up to date on all of the latest standards and are here to support any request you have.

How to make a Learning Plan Request

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Learning Plan Examples

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